April Focus at Shakti Yoga

Spring is officially here! In Ayurveda, (traditional Indian medicine), the juncture between seasons is the ideal time for detoxification practices. So as the weather warms during the coming month, we will be focusing on Unknownspace for more of what we need and want in our lives. This year, we invite you to join the Shakti and Woodstock Yoga communities in a full month of purifying and nourishing practices. Remember, one of the best ways to do this is to DO MORE YOGA!!


Why take a full month to cleanse?  

Unknown-1This year, we will use the month of April to make gradual dietary and lifestyle changes that will culminate in a full, week-long cleanse from April 26th-May 3rd. 

Ayurvedic purification practices are meant to initiate long-term changes in our lifestyles, not quick, temporary fixes. This winter has been intense and shocking to all of our systems — the extreme cold, abundance of snow, and length of the winter overall have likely left us all a bit worn out. Beginning from a place of depletion and jumping into an intense cleanse can add yet another shock to the system, resulting in unnecessary stress and frustration.


 We will be joined by other yoga communities who will also be taking part in the month long cleanse.  To set our community up for success, we’re planning a 4-week program, (April 1st-April 25th), to help us ease into our cleansing and wellness routines. Resources available to you include:  

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A look ahead…


Drew and DXF at

shakti yoga Thurs

1030 starts april 10





please wear clean sneakers only!! also you can park across the street as Zena


Glenn Black  returns!!!!!

Master Yoga Teacher       at Shakti Yoga of Woodstock

Sunday June 22     1:30 -3:30  $25/per session if registered by 3/29 , $30Please pre- register!

Purifying the Mind Through Movement and

Yoga Nidra

Preparation is key for “sadhana,” our daily spiritual practice. To achieve higher levels of yogic abilities in our practice, we must first do prerequisite purification practices so that obstacles for the spontaneous arising of concentration, meditation, and “samadhi” (a spiritual state of consciousness) can be eliminated. Thus, in the performance of asana, an understanding of all possible movements our joints can do must be learned.

This course is designed for  students and teachers of yoga, movement ,  as well as massage therapists and body workers who want to learn how to serve their students and clients with greater skill. It is also for yoga students who want to learn how to excel in their practice.  We will  be performing all of the movements ( Human Movement) that each joint is capable of making in order  to develop the skill to assess our own movement ability.



Baby and Me w/ Patricia

Thursdays  at 12- 1

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