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Satsang: Community Discussions on Spirituality

Mondays @ 645 and  and Thursdays @ 1030

(No sessions  may 12- 19) Each discussion will last for 1 hour and will cover a multitude of topics including meditation, Ayurveda, pranayama, and more based on what you are inquiring about to boost your practice. Each session included meditation.     FREE!!!


+++All workshops will be at 1685 Sawkill Rd in Woodstock+++ Please pre- register!!!


Awakening the Glutes w/ Jory Serota     Sat, 5/21 from 2-4  $30 

The Glutes

Glute Max and Deep 6-1


Anyone with low back pain, SI joint dysfunction, sciatica or tight hamstrings, this workshop is for you! Come explore how to use your practice to strengthen the glutes and increase length in the hamstrings, paying special attention to detecting compensation patterns & learning to correct them.




 The Divine Wisdom: Spiritual Practices for Well-being w/ Shubhraji

NEW DATE: SAT JUNE 25TH~    $50 in advance ( before 6/24); $60 at the door   



 Shubhraji has dedicated her life to continuing the Spiritual work of her Guru H.H. Swami Chinmayananda, the world renowned Vedanta teacher. In this workshop, she will guide us in understanding our connection with the Divine, through invoking its different aspects. We will learn universal practices that can be incorporated effortlessly into daily life to enrich us as well as transcend obstacles. Topics covered  include:

  • Altars
  • Manta chanting
  • Homa (simple fire ceremony)
  • Science of directions
  • 9 planets & their simple use for our benefit
  • Abundance through the 8 forms of the Goddess Lakshmi

*Please bring a japa mala if you have one.



This workshop will use Ayurvedic and yogic concepts to help us understand why we get attracted to things such as drugs, sex, shopping, information and drama. Come learn how yogic techniques and an ayurvedic lifestyle will support and transport us beyond normal states of awareness, and help us to replace the negative and draining habits that prevent us from truly being free. Includes lecture, asana (postures), pranayama, and kriyas (cleansing techniques).


JUNE at Shakti Sawkill:


 Sat, 6/4 & Sat, 6/11 from 2-4  Shoulder & Neck Workshop w/ Jory Serota 

$30 each; $50 if pre-paid for both

Anyone with a minor shoulder injury or upper back and neck discomfort will benefit from this workshop! Come explore which asana (poses) can be used to alleviate tension and reduce or remove pain in the shoulders & neck. We will assess and check for both mobility and stability issues and learn what we can do for both situations.

Freeing the Shoulders and Neck

*Open to all levels but can be strenuous at times. People with severe injuries should consult with the teacher before signing up.









Sat, 6/18 from 2-4  Summer Solstice Sadhana w/ Selena $25