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What to Expect at Shakti in November:

In Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), the seasons correspond with doshas (constitutional types), which in turn relate to the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. Kapha corresponds to the elements of Earth and Water, Pitta with Fire, and Vata — the dosha that is currently increasing — with Air and Ether. We gain the most benefit by keeping our practice in tune with the seasons. Fall is a time of transition and just as we change our clothing to accommodate the cooler weather, we adjust our practice to help create more internal heat.
As we transition into the cool, dryness of autumn, Vata becomes elevated and sometimes, imbalanced. As a result, you may find that your joints seem less supple and more crackly. You might also find yourself feeling anxious or unable to concentrate. A Vatic imbalance can also create an erratic digestive system. A balanced Vata dosha, however, can bring inspiration, creativity, and a renewed zeal for life; this is what we focus on in our yoga practice at Shakti.
In our practice this month, we will continue to work on stabilization through standing poses, gradually building heat through slow steady movement. Once we have stoked the internal fires, we can then work on seated forward bends, as well as pelvis and hip-openers, which help to calm the frantic, Vatic chatter of the mind. We will also focus on the Muladhara Chakra, or the Root Chakra, in order creating a feeing of ground and make us feel more stable before the advent of the busy holiday season. This will also help prepare us for mediation, the practice we will be focusing on in November!


Shakti Fitness:  Holiday Damage Control from Thanksgiving until Christmas

 Small Group Fitness Classes Designed for Success!!!

Saturdays w/Lauren @12:30     11/22, 11/29, 12/6 & 12/1

Tuesdays w/ Linda  @ 12:00        11/25, 12/2, 12/9 & 12/16

Thursdays w/Terry  @ 12:00     12/4 , 12/11 & 12/18



Purchased as a single class/$28       or series of 4 classes/$100 ( any classes from above schedule)

Pre-registration required, groups of 3-6

wear sneakers and indoor outdoor clothing– lots of layers!!


This program is designed by three fitness professionals/yogis who have created the most ultimate fitness experience.  We are  using scientifically  proven methods for ultimate health and fitness that also appeals to your sanity and intelligence.  We combine outdoors and indoor training locations for beauty and inspiration. We combine cardio, strength/resistance training, high intensity interval training, loaded functional movement , core stabilization , kick boxing , pilates and of course yoga     (we even  include some horsing around  :)  ).

Small groups of 4-5 participants will be matched up based on ability level. You are also encouraged to create your own crew.

Three Levels of Commitment:        1 Track = 6 weeks      9 Tracks = BIRTH of a  NEW YOU

1: Maximum Transformation: 3x a week per track

2: Lifestyle Shift: 2x week per track

3: Maintenance Program: 1x a week per track


Three Levels Of Programs:

1) Beginner Level:  Steady Power w/ Terry Fister 

2) Mixed Ability: Power Groove w/Linda Lalita Winnick

3) Intermediate/Advanced: Power Surge w/Lauren Trippodo


The Programs

 Client Profile A :  You made it this far! You’re mature, cautious, and want to increase your strength, flexibility and stamina, but are dealing with some physical issues.

This program will help you correct your muscular imbalances, ease the pains associated with the middle years and beyond and stimulate your metabolism. Come join like-minded individuals in a supportive atmosphere to recapture that vibrant, physical you.

Your Program Solution  : Steady Power 


Client Profile B : You have strayed from your self care and now you want to do something about it. You may have even put on some unwanted weight. You like to exercise and still intermittently do it. You like a measured challenge. Your team will have fun working at an engaging pace. You will see results immediately.

 Program Solution:  Power Groove


Client  Profile C :   Client Profile:  You are an experienced exerciser wanting to improve strength, endurance,  flexibility and focus.  You love to workout and are consistent but looking for a new challenge and ways to accelerate your fitness level ,both physically and mentally. Become part of a team of driven athletes who will motivate and push each other to crush personal obstacles and surge ahead!

Your  Program Solution:  Power Surge


price menu:

3x week- $450/track

2xweek-  $360/track

1xweek-  $210/track

Private sessions: Please inquire


Intro to the Meditative Practices of Kriya Yoga & Yoga Nidra  with  Glenn Black 

Sunday  Jan 10, 2015     1:00 – 3:30    $40 pregistration required

In this workshop Glenn Black will guide us in an exploration of the deeper, non-physical levels of our being through the transformative practices of kriya yoga and yoga nidra meditation. We’ll learn pranayama breathing practices including complete yogic breath which relaxes the body and prepares us for yoga nidra (yogic sleep), a systematic method for moving into deeper realms of consciousness in which images and insights often arise from the dream state. This practice deeply rejuvenates the body and releases mental and emotional tension. We’ll also experiencechankramanam (yogic roving or movement), a practice of awareness and presence in all of our activities such as walking and eating. And we’ll learn a technique that enables us to access the ascending and descending internal energy pathways, arohan and awarohan, which will help us tap into our psychic abilities. Together these yogic meditation techniques form the essential foundation for the practice of Kriya Yoga,
one the the most powerful methods for awakening consciousness.

 Glenn Black, a renowned and highly respected yoga teacher with 40-plus years’ intensive study of yoga, meditation and movement began Kriya Yoga studies in the mid 1970s with the Bihar School’s Swami Vivekananda, studied with B.K.S. Iyengar in India, and is a longtime student of Swami Satyananda. Like the ancient “forest yogis,” Black has devoted years to intensive practice in solitude. He leads workshops and retreats internationally.