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Glenn Black  Kriya Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Sat Feb 4th 230- 4pm $25 register here

Shakti Yoga 1685 Sawkill


I hope that your lives are everything you hope for.

Of late, I have only been teaching the Introduction to Kriya. In these classes there has been an emphasis on the Esoteric aspect of the 20 Kriya. I have been inquiring of people just what is it they expect the practice to give them. Why do people do any Yogic technique?

We all have a strong connection to the material world. We hope to attain better health in our bodies and minds because we wish to achieve a higher quality of life in the material world. We attach our minds to our brains; subjugating the mind to conditions inherent in the physical realm.
The direct experience that Kriya practice offers is an existence beyond what is so comfortable and acceptable. The experience permits Consciousness a chance to escape the heavy bonds of ordinary perception. Effective and ardent observation of Awareness during and after practice permits a release from the material and constrained view of being.
When the highest conditions of Kriya are attained then you can observe the Self from all time perspectives. You gain insights on how past events still plague and hinder deep changes in the material world; so that passage to what is suggested as a goal in oral and spiritual literature is felt. Present time can be observed without attachment. Also, the higher Self sees what is possible without the obstacles we have chained ourselves with. When you combine all of the elements of time with the totality of yourself, you will be captivated by the resonance of how all things are unique yet one.
Here is the condition that comes when Time is included in your view of being. Evolution arises when all of the elements of your being are utilized in a coherent and systematic way. Kriya practice offers our physical being a chance to be changed into what is possible; to become an entity without bonds or boundaries.
The Esoteric practice of Kriya, the hidden concepts, offers the practitioner spontaneous arising of a pure unfettered Consciousness. Imagine the strength, the freedom and the absolute Bliss felt when Evolution comes.
You will need to let go of all attachments. No thing can remain. Unmani Mudra moves through you like water in a stream.
Perseverance is key to Evolution. Let every practice session take you further. Awareness dominates every moment.
Evolution changes not only the mind. When your perception changes, your body cannot help but change. Be quiet and imagine the bodies and minds our ancestors had. The picture presented will show how different we are are from them. See what you look like after you undergo the changes Evolution brings from perfect practice. What is possible? What is it you want from your practice. Be clear in your answer.

Take Care,