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August Focus at Shakti Yoga Studios

This month at Shakti, we honor the very human need to go on holiday and relax – whether for an hour in your yoga class, over a weekend, or for 30 days – by focusing on Shavasana (Corpse Pose), the final relaxation commonly used at the end of your practice. In some traditions, such as Sivananda , it is interspersed throughout the practice. During Shavasana, you lie on your back in a specific way and attempt to calm your body and mind. Some students come to class just for this alone! Yogis believe this deep relaxation is necessary preparation for meditation and more advanced, internal practices to expand consciousness.

Summer heat increases Pitta (the fire element) which tends to create dryness – literally ‘baking’ us – and thus increasing Vata (the wind element). During these times of intense heat, Shavasana is our ally in preventing heat exhaustion. It is also helpful for calming scattered Vata energy, which can produce anxiety and a feeling of being ungrounded.

As I have learned over the years, many students have a hard time calming the mind. They find that an engaging practice helps to remove Vrittis (agitation or fluctutations of the mind) by engaging the mind and focusing it in their bodies. This preparation is key to achieving an experience of peace in final relaxation. Practicing the dynamic and engaging Shakti asana sequences that you’ve come to expect will help prepare you for a deeply relaxing and rewarding Shavasana.

Since the summer heat tends to make practicing feel more intense, all sequences will also account for extreme heat and humidity. Typically, this means more time spent in forward folds, less emphasis on standing poses and more time dedicated to seated postures. The culmination of our asana practice will be the experience a guided Shavasana so your body and mind can experience the blissful, transcendental state of complete calm.


Gems From Bhagavad Gita with Shubhraji  New Date : Sat Sept 13 5 -7

-1 suggested donation $15  1685 Sawkill Rd , Shakti Woodstock Studio

Shubhraji, is a disciple of Spiritual Master H.H Swami Chinmayananda, She is a teacher of spiritual studies and meditation techniques, which form part of the ancient Vedanta philosophy ofIndia.She lives in USA and travels widely in the U.S, Europe and Far East and Middle East. She is known for her unique dynamic and accessible delivery of the Advaita Vedanta teachings. for more information on her visit








Poolside Yoga w/Linda Lalita at Enchanted Manor 

 Fridays @ 930   PLUS    

Special Labor Day Class  @  10am    !!!!  

(replaces 930 class at studio)

***Weather permitting- otherwise class is held at Sawkill Studio****

swimming permitted up to 30min after class

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Linda Lalita will be teach Sun Oct 4th ,   10am at The Ahimsa Festival