Teacher Training

Shakti Yoga Teacher Training Level I 200hrIMG_0909

w/Linda Lalita Winnick    PLUS

 Selena Reynolds, Mel Toth  ( and more..)

 Fall 2017

The tentative dates are as follows:
Saturdays  12- 6 and Sundays 11- 5
(a few more class dates will be added)
10/28-29     11/11- 12     12/2- 3
1/6-7              2/3-4          3/3-4
4/7-8             5/5-6           6/2-3

Applications available : shaktiyogawoodstock@gmail.com


Sat Nov 11 & Nov 12 

 2-Day  Intensive: Introduction to Teaching Yoga : Foundations of Yoga: The Basics  plus Saturdays and Sundays  ( usually 3rd weekend of the month)


*all dates are subject to change . additional  dates will be added based on group availability

Level I 200 Hours (Yoga Alliance)

This is the most comprehensive teacher training program in the area  . It has been developed to teach you everything you need to know to confidently provide yoga instruction in a class or one-on-one setting  geared towards the largest population of students- beginners and those who are new to the practice. Many take this program to  learn more about Yoga and Ayurveda even if they do not plan on teaching.

You will learn anatomy and physiology, Eastern energetics, breathing techniques, meditation and how to teach the primary yoga postures. An introduction to Ayurveda (traditional medical system of India) will prove beneficial in creating harmonious asana sequences and provide the basis for continued study in the  Yoga Advanced Teacher Training certification program. By studying the philosophy of yoga and other traditions you will be able to give clear spiritual guidance that is consistent with your own beliefs. You will learn how to develop business and marketing skills that contribute to your ability to succeed as a yoga teacher. Pre-arranged internships in established institutions, along with teaching and assisting in Shakti Yoga classes will help you gain the necessary experience as you provide community service.


Anatomy/physiology (West and East), alignment principles, exposure to the several styles and lineages of yoga, basic verbal asana instruction and touch correction, health benefits of each pose, therapeutic and special needs variations, and the principles of sequencing



History and traditions of yoga( hatha yoga, vedanta, tantra etc) introduction to and study of classical texts , world religions and spiritual practices, and metaphysics

Basic principles and theories of Ayurveda, diagnostic techniques, yoga and ayurveda for seasonal and daily influences on yoga practice for more effective sequencing

Cultivation of personal style for teaching , classroom management and safety, professional ethics , yoga and ayurvedic lifestyles, how to attract students, how to manage your business , creating workshops, how to give 1:1 instruction

Teaching yoga in hospital, chemical dependency center, domestic violence shelter or approved institution of your choice to gain teaching experience and provide community service

Level I Teacher training program: $3000
Discounted unlimited classes : $125/month (duration of teacher training)
books are additional

Shakti Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Level II 300 Hr (Yoga Alliance)

Become more masterful as a professional Yoga teacher. Further develop and enhance your skills for more effective and creative sequencing, yoga therapeutics , management of multi-level classes and challenging populations. You will be taught how to assess and meet the needs of individual and general class level ability. You will learn to give clear and safe instruction as you guide progressing students into safe intermediate and advanced postures. You will continue to study sacred yogic texts and further explore your own yoga practice (sadhana).

Continued and reinforcement of anatomy and physiology terminology, Ayurvedic theory, and alignment instruction will help you excel in your understanding of yoga asana. You will also learn how to instruct on more complex pranayama , and kriyas, and meditation. You gain skills in find employment and on how to market yourself so you can share your talents with an ever- growing population of yoga students.

This Advanced Shakti Yoga Teacher Training is open to those who have completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification or the equivalent. You will be required to prove proficiency in teaching a basic level class.

Additional information: We will be meeting about once every three weeks as a group on Saturday afternoons. This program is 500 hour Yoga Alliance compatible. This program is extended over 2 years for those with complex schedules. It operates on a revolving enrollment. therefore the topics will be offered again in rotation. Competency is key. We want to become more masterful teachers. The program has been adjusted for you who did not do your 200 hours of training with Shakti Yoga in order to meet Yoga Alliance criterion. If you are deficient in certain areas, support will be given.

This is a non-dogmatic yoga teacher program. We are seeking truth in our own practice and how we convey our understanding of yoga to our students. You will learn to be more creative teachers of one of the most powerful forces and practices offered through humankind. I will be sharing with you some of the successful techniques I have discovered over the several thousands of classes that I have been blessed to teach.

Tuition: Level II Advanced Teacher Training Program: $3400
Discounted unlimited classes : arrangements made individually

Sadhana–Deepening Your Yoga Practice

Non-certification Intensive

This program is designed for students of any level of yoga ability, healthy and with ailments alike , who want to delve deeply into a Yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle. Sadhana ( sanskrit for “spiritual practice”) is for those who want to become more serene and meditative, increase vitality and energy, and at the same time become more physically fit, by developing and nurturing practical and positive lifestyle skills.

For this intensive, we will commit to focusing on our health and well-being for 20 weeks. Our goal is to establish healthy lifestyle patterns that will last a lifetime.

Many have found that is has been difficult to carry forward into their lives the patterns established when they were on retreat at spas and ashrams. Through this program, this becomes possible, because students get the support they need to form new, more healthful habits in their current living environment. As we work together, we will learn more about ourselves through our practice, becoming more firmly attuned in a spiritual awareness that has physical and mental health at its foundation.

This program includes:

  • An initial personalized Ayurvedic Consultation and Yogic Evaluation
  • Scheduled monthly individual progress evaluations ( 5 sessions)
  • Unlimited level-appropriate yoga classes for 6 months
  • Meditation and Pranayama instruction
  • Lectures 2x /month on Ayurvedic and Yogic philosophy and lifestyles ,
  • Anatomy and physiology for Yoga and Ayurveda (East and West), nutrition
  • Supplemental treatments and workshops may be recommended

This program is a terrific preparation for those who are considering becoming Yoga teachers and holistic health care consultants. It is for those students who really want to understand the practice and philosophy of Yoga and Ayurveda. Attendance can be applied to teacher training credit hours

Cost: $1350 On Going Enrollment
Tuition includes twice-monthly educational discussions, 6 individual consultations, unlimited classes for 5 months. Books , materials , and supplemental treatments are not included.

Payment plans are available.