linda3-3Linda Lalita Winnick

Linda Lalita Winnick’s focus is the cultivation of Shakti or Inner Power. A certified yoga teacher, with an M.A. in Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Philosophy, Linda’s teaching of yoga integrates her twenty-five-year experience as a yoga practitioner and teacher with the principles of exercise physiology and the energetics of Ayurveda. Her classes reflect the attunement of time, place, season, and group dynamic. Unbound by a single lineage, Linda has developed creative sequencing of pranayama (breath work), Vinyasa Krama and Shat Karmas (cleansing techniques). This sequencing and her masterful demonstrations promote the growth of flexibility, strength, and efficient alignment. Classes are challenging and at the same time punctuated with laughter at her whimsical commentary. They can be adapted to all levels of ability and individual limitation. Shaping her offering with joy, Linda creates an inclusive space that challenges each person to feel free to do what they can to foster their own strength and wellbeing through the art of yoga.

Linda Lalita is owner of three Shakti Yoga Studios in the Hudson Valley New York and  co-owner of Woodstock Yoga. She was a popular workshop instructor at the Omega Institute for a decade. Linda trains yoga teachers in her methods. (200 Hour and Advanced 500 Hour) She is invited to teach in programs around the country and in Europe.


alisonAlison Sinatra

Alison has been teaching for over 12 years and loves helping people remember inner space and a free body. She received her first teacher training certificate in 2001 in NYC and continues to be influenced by many master teachers from assorted traditions. She is a senior teacher at both Woodstock Yoga and Kula Yoga in NYC. Her classes are breath and heart centered with deep, intelligent sequences that secretly make you work. She incorporates humor, kundalini and devotional intention. Alison leads and co-leads retreats all over the world. Her favorite and most popular is her Goddess retreat that create a transformative, inclusive, healing space for women. Her spiritual path also includes South American mysticism, Indigenous plant medicine and energetic touch. She lives in the woods with her intuitive hubby, Anton and magical munchkins Violet and Joseph.


Charles Goodall




Kandy Harris
kandyFor the past decade, Kandy has been in love with yoga and is excited to finally fulfill her long-time dream of becoming a yoga teacher through Shakti’s Yoga Teacher Training program. She was born and raised in Alaska, and in 1998, she graduated with a degree in Classical Voice Performance from the prestigious University of Michigan School of Music. Since then, Kandy has worn a variety of career hats, including English teacher, musician, actor, secretary, and Karaoke hostess, before finally settling into her true calling as a full-time writer, mother, and movement enthusiast. Kandy focuses her yoga practice on quieting her busy mind and feeling powerful in her body, and, as a yoga teacher, she hopes to help others realize their own inherent strength. When Kandy isn’t teaching yoga or writing well into the wee hours from her home office in Saugerties, you’ll find her improvising vegetarian cuisine in       the kitchen, playing Scrabble with her super-genius daughter, Madeline, or helping her fiancé record music in their home recording studio.Kandy Harris

Lauren Trippodo

It all started with teaching group fitness classes as a teenager. For the last 20 years, Lauren has been dedicated to helping others live healthier and happier lifestyles.She now holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Wellness promotion as well as multiple training certifications, and is a NASM- Certified Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist and a certified health coach via Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Lauren is always learning new things to share with her clients, the most recent being Yoga Teacher Training at Shakti! Roles as a rehabilitation therapist and exercise physiologist have given her the opportunity to work with many different populations and conditions.She specializes in creating fun, dynamic and well rounded wellness programs which meet the individual where they are while helping to motivate and guide them to where they would like to be. Lauren believes in a holistic approach to every individual goal and  emphasizes a strong commitment to positive lifestyle changes, however small, as the key to success.

Leah KatzLeah Katz

In 2010 Leah Katz became the first certified Iyengar Yoga teacher in the Hudson Valley.  A student of Iyengar yoga since 1989, Leah studies regularly with senior Iyengar Yoga teachers Joan White and Carrie Owerko. In Spring 2010, she had the honor of studying with Dr. Geeta Iyengar at the first teachers’ convention on Iyengar Yoga therapeutics, and is continuing her study of yoga therapeutics. Leah’s background is in Pilates, which she embraced in 1987 under master teacher Romana Kryzanowska.Leah has helped train and certify many Pilates teachers, both in New York City and locally.  She has worked with professional dancers, including
members of New York City Ballet, Paul Taylor Dance Company, and Dance Theater of Harlem.Leah has shared her love of movement and bodywork with hundreds of students over the years.  Her knowledge of anatomy and the human body make her a trusted and gifted teacher who creates an environment that promotes and enhances health and healing .While her class is challenging, Leah honors each student’s uniqueness. She places strong emphasis on alignment and safety, yet the ultimate aim of her class is meditation through motion.  Leah’s devotion to the practice of yoga helps people claim their highest potential, with every cell of their being enthusiastically engaged in the powerful process of self discovery.

“My vision is to provide an experience of movement that is healing, challenging and ultimately transformative, allowing each person to know himself or herself more deeply through their physical bodies and to feel freedom from within.”


Louise BonannoLouise Bonanno

I have been connected to yoga and Buddhist studies (through the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Barra, Ma.) for the last twenty years. From this association at the Barre Center and my training at Shakti Yoga I incorporate information about physical movement, the use of asana as a mirror for daily living, and the choices within the practice to incorporate yoga as a lifestyle. I have worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the last thirty years, and in that practice have used many of the things I have studied throughout these years incorporating techniques of compassion, mindfulness, centering, and grounding.

I am a certified Shakti Yoga Level I Instructor and have been working at the Shakti studio in Saugerties since I graduated in 2009. I also provide training and yoga classes for agencies in the community as well as private classes. I am presently in the process of completing my training for Advanced Teacher Certification at Shakti.

Megan Porpeglia

Megan Porpeglia holds a BFA in Painting and Drawing from SUNY New Paltz. Yoga has always been intrinsic in Megan’s individual development. She became fascinated with the self-discovery aspect of the practice at a very young age. After obtaining her BFA, she embarked on a new journey with Shakti Yoga of Woodstock and set out to learn more about the depths of yoga with the intent of teaching. This was a spiritual self-discovery process for Megan and solidified the place that yoga holds in her heart. Yoga has helped her painting practice as it offers the tools to live a life in a balanced and highly focused manner. Once a connection between the body and the mind was discovered as a possibility, doing physical actions such as painting became more purposeful. Now, teaching this practice has become an essential part to her holistic existence as an artist yogi.



melMelanie Toth (Mel)

Mel’s yoga journey began in her living room over 13 years ago. After many years of sporadic practice, she recommitted to yoga after moving to Saugerties in 2011 and discovering Shakti’s sanctuary classes. An educator since 1998, Mel has taught 4th grade, co-authored a strategy book for teachers and served as a tutor and Director of Education for several NY learning centers. From her extensive background in education, Mel brings a solid understanding of how each student interprets information differently and may apply those misinterpretations to his or her body. As such, she strives to make her instruction clear and accessible for students of all levels of experience. Mel’s classes focus on the development of a solid foundation through the use of props, demonstration, description, and encouragement, while exploring basic principles of alignment, balance and relaxation. By encouraging her students to respect their physical limitations while exploring what is possible, Mel aims to help each individual learn how to serve the unique needs of their body. She is forever grateful to her first yoga teacher, Jill Gnassi, whose expert Iyengar instruction taught her how attending to small details could make a huge difference in her life, both on and off her mat.

Morganne Montana

Patricia LauferPatricia Laufer

Patricia Laufer began practicing yoga 15 years ago in New York City to quiet her mind and find some peace within the chaos. Her anxiety was high and she immediately felt relief in yoga. She practiced yoga as she built a career in the non-profit sector working with men who were formerly incarcerated and homeless. She continued exploring the limbs of yoga and started a meditation practice as well. Her search for peace eventually brought her to the Woodstock area 10 years ago for a weekend get-away and she kept coming back. She fell in love with the Shakti Yoga philosophy and with Linda’s dynamic classes! In August of 2011 Patricia completed her year long 200 Hour Shakti Teacher Training and is now in the midst of Shakti’s 500 Hour Advanced Course. Patricia loves teaching and feels blessed to be able bring all that yoga has to offer to her students. Patricia now lives in Kingston and teaches yoga full-time.


Selena ReynoldsSelena Reynolds

Selena took her first yoga class as a student at Bard College in 1998, and graduated from Woodstock Yoga’s Teacher Training in June of 2012. During the intervening years, Selena began the adventure of raising a family with her soulmate, Jim; they currently live in the Chichester, New York, with their three wild mountain children, Morgana, Bella, and Dylan. Selena most recently taught preschool at School of the New Moon in Mt. Tremper, NY for nine years, and when not practicing yoga, can generally be found in her kitchen concocting some kind of magically delicious baked good, or volunteering at her children’s school. She finds that her yoga practice is teaching her to stay balanced and open and joyous, as she strives to act with love in every situation. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to teach the practice of yoga, and hopes that her classes will allow her students to access their space within, from which they can truly enjoy inhabiting themselves as human beings.

Terry Fister

After graduating from college with a degree in Physical Education & Dance, Terry pursued his professional dance career until his body said STOP! He then segued to the fitness industry where, almost 30 years later, he continues to move himself and those willing, in pursuit of integrating one’s body, mind and soul. Terry holds nationally recognized personal training and group fitness certifications from Marymount College, AFAA, ACE, NASM and is a recent graduate of the Shakti Yoga Teacher Training Certification program. He also holds specialty certifications for older populations, pre/post partum exercise, post-rehabilitation exercise and sports conditioning. Terry has also focused on fitness management, where he has acted as group exercise manager, personal training manager and program director for high end health and wellness companies. He was co-founder of CLAY Health Club & Spa, in New York, NY.  His favorite quote is, “Gracefulness is to the body what thoughtfulness is to the mind.

 Tara McIndoo

Tara was first introduced to yoga on Long Island and immediately felt a connection.after completing her teacher training Tara moved upstate and continued to learn and deepen her own practice. She competed her 500 hour teacher training with Linda Winnick at Shakti Yoga in Woodstock.Her teaching reflects her love of the different practices she strives to bring an open heart, a sense of humor, and a love for yoga to all her classes.she hopes to help students achieve a deeper awareness and connection to themselves.


Victoria Santa Ana

Victoria Santa Ana

Beginning a yoga practice in 2004, Victoria knew she would one day become a teacher of the practice. After moving back to the Hudson Valley, she completed the rigorous Shakti Yoga Training in Woodstock, NY and earned her RYT 200 through the Yoga Alliance in 2012. Victoria’s classes are athletic, holistic and designed to develop a stronger and calmer practice. She loves to teach a challenging class and see her students rise to the challenge.    Victoria is also a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a self-proclaimed foodie. She understands the importance of balance in food, fitness, and everyday life.