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1685 Sawkill Road Woodstock, New York 12401

Woodstock Rates: 

  • Drop-in $17
  • 5 class card $75(3 month exp)
  • 10 class card $140 (4 month exp)
  • 30 class card $390 (6 month exp)
  • Unlimited 30 days $150
  • Week unlimited $65 (valid 7 days)
  • Sanctuary Yoga Class (Saugerties Only) $10.00

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Very Beginner’s: This class is designed for students who are new to the practice of yoga and need more attention as they gain dexterity and stability in the postures . Also good if you are returning after a long break. It is also for those who lack flexibility or have injuries that prevents them from going to a Level 1 class. We will focus on the details of alignment and the development of muscular core strength at a slow pace

Level I: Fundamentals of Yoga: Perfect place for beginners to start the yoga journey, and for experienced students who want to practice at a slower pace. This class is also for those recovering from injuries (doctor’s approval recommended). We focus on gaining understanding of body mechanics and alignment, creating ease in the basic yoga postures, Special instruction on breathing.

Level I / II: Mixed Level: This class is ideal for students transitioning from beginner’s to intermediate; Basic poses are explored with increasing detail interspersed with a slower flowing sequence.

Level II: Intermediate: Open to all levels, although some experience is recommended. Focused on dynamic and unique sequencing (vinyasa krama) of exercises incorporating all elements of the Shakti Yoga style to achieve harmony and balance.

Level II/ III: Advanced: Open to students who want to elevate their level of practice and extend themselves physically and mentally. Challenging postures are introduced and elaborated, with a focus on methods and techniques to develop steadiness and ease in these more sophisticated and rigorous vinyasas. Plenty of variations will be given to accommodate.